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Galileo Art Center is one of the oldest and most prestigious art education academies in Egypt and is distinguished by its long experience in the field of art education due to its owner, the visual artist Galileo.

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Galileo CV

Galileo CV

Personal information:

Fine artist, photographer and certified international trainer for fine arts

Name: Mohammed Abdl Galil

Birth date : 10/8/1973

Nationality: Egyptian

Address: Cairo, Egypt



Graduated from the Institute of Preparation of Artists majoring in drawing and design

He was a student of the great artist Anton Hanna Georgy and a large number of artists

Al-Ghoury Agency

Participated in a large number of exhibitions, international forums and workshops

Inside Egypt there are several personal and collective exhibitions

It has a large collection of murals in some major hotels in the Republic of Egypt

He has worked in the field of Fine Arts for more than 25 years

Holdings of some museums, hotels, businessmen, princes and senior

Personalities inside and outside Egypt


Owner and Director of Galileo Art Center to teach painting and arts

Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Colors and Creations Association for fine Arts

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of new goals for

Trainer of fine Arts in Al-Orouba Club in New Egypt Previously.

fine Arts Trainer, General Union of Youth Workers, National Council for Youth

Member of Cairo Atelier (Association of Artists and Writers)

Member of Asala Association for the sponsorship of contemporary heritage arts

Member of the National Association of Fine Arts

Member of Al-Ghoury Artists Association

Member of Al-Jouf Group for Plastic Arts

Member of the Egyptian Photographers Association

Founding member of the Khareg Al-Masrym group

:Special exhibitions

Egyptian Scenes Exhibition in Al-Kalima Hall, El-Sawy Culturewheel, 2009

Nissiwan Cheese Exhibition in Salah Taher Hall at the Cairo Opera House 2022

Al Waha Exhibition at Art Corner Hall - Zamalek 2022

Exhibition in the lane at Art Corner Hall in Zamalek 2023

Group exhibitions:

International Exhibition of fine Arts, 57357 Hospital for the treatment of cancer 2008

Ministry of Manpower Exhibition & Competition in Oil Painting 2009

Egyptian scenes exhibition in Sawy wheel 2009

The fifth exhibition of the company of art 2009

Nile Photography Salon

Arabian Horse Formations & Competition Margin of the Arabian Horse Festival

Photography exhibition at Talaat Harb Cultural Center 2009

The first international exhibition of the poet's house between the banks of modernity 2010

Exhibition of Nubian Club Festival in Al-Azhar Garden 2010

Nuba Noto Exhibition at Talaat Harb Cultural Center 2010

Alexandria exhibition between today and yesterday at the Rizodans Center in Alexandria 2010

Exhibition of the NGO Bateleh Cairo 2010

Light Visions Exhibition at the Musical Library, Opera House, 2010

Exhibition of small pieces salon in Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum 2010

Egyptian treasures House of the poet Al - Hussein 2010

Exhibition of saturated spirits in the Fine Artists Syndicate in Opera 2010

Opening of the Van Gogh Hall in the rain

Art and Color Exhibition, Cairo Atelier 2010

The third exhibition of the International Foundation for Culture and Arts in Van Gogh Hall 2010

Egypt laughing exhibition about the revolution at the Museum of Mahmoud Said in Alexandria 2011

Exhibition and workshop Dandy Festival Mega Mall through Alexandria Egypt Desert 2011

Ostraka International Art Exhibition, Sharm El Sheikh 2012

Ostraka International Art Exhibition, Sharm El Sheikh 2013

Transit exhibition at the Hangar Hall Opera 2014

Polo International Festival and Exhibition in Turkey under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Culture 2014

Sharm El Sheikh International Tourism & Carnival 2015

Shams Egypt Sharm El Sheikh 2016

An art exhibition to ease the matter at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum for a hospital shout 2017 57357

Portrait exhibition at Ahmed Shawky Museum 2017

Exhibition Mahrousa Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum 2017

Cultural exhibition and festival to support development and renounce violence against terrorism

Naguib Mahfouz at Al Ahram Foundation 2017

Egypt International Salon Ostraka Exhibition at Al-Ahram Foundation Hall 2017

Egyptian Spirit Exhibition at Karma Ibn Hany Center, Ahmed Shawky Museum 2017

Beginning Exhibition at Galileo Art Hall, Mohandessin, 2017

Gallery .. Aswan song of a place. .... In the Hangar Hall .. House of Egyptian opera


Heroes Exhibition 57357 Hospital for Al-Ahram Foundation Hall 2017

The first water salon exhibition at Galileo Art Hall, Mohandessin 2018

Salsabil Nile Exhibition at Nile Museum in Aswan and the acquisition of the museum's work

Salsabil Nile Exhibition at the Nile Museum in Charity Barrages and the acquisition of work Museum 2018

Wojooh 2 Exhibition at Karma Ibn Hany Center, Ahmed Shawky Museum 2018

Guest of honor at the Arab Vision Exhibition at Al-Ahram Hall 2018

October Peace Exhibition, Salah Taher Hall, Egyptian Opera House 2018

River Life Exhibition at Karma Ibn Hany Center, Ahmed Shawky Museum 2018

Exhibition and auction of art treasures in Al-Ahram Foundation Hall 2018

Guest of honor Arab vision exhibition at Al-Ahram Hall 2019

Artist Story Exhibition at Galileo Art Gallery, Mohandessin 2019

Guest of honor at the art and civilization exhibition at Al-Ahram Hall 2019

2022-2023 Several group exhibitions in Doroob Hall

2022-2023 Several group exhibitions at Passion Hall

Sharqia Festival Exhibition at the Museum of Civilizations 2023

Al-Hattaba Exhibition at Art Corner Hall Zamalek 2023

Meetings and workshops:

Balton House Advertising Workshop

Workshop of art criticism in Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum

Egyptian American Modern Art Project Workshop

Culture and Arts 2010

Several workshops with hospital children

Workshops with children in the street children festival in partnership with the organization

UNICEF and the Support and Development Center for 2008, 2009 and 2010

Ostraka International Festival of Plastic Arts in Sharm El Sheikh 2012-2013-


Polo International Festival and Exhibition in Turkey under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Culture 2014

Sharm El Sheikh International Tourism & Carnival 2015

Model Workshop in Sharm El Sheikh 2016

Landscape painting workshop and landscape exhibition for hospital Tumors in Mansoura 2017

Egypt International Carnival & Exhibition in Sharm El Sheikh 2017

Drawing workshop of nature at the Scout Club in Giza 2017

An external drawing workshop of nature at the border guards house 2017

Anti-Terrorism Painting Workshop, Teachers Syndicate, Eastern Province, 2017

Asil Nile Forum Aswan 2018

Ostraka International Festival Aswan Luxor 2018

The second Nile Salsabil Forum in Charitable Arches 2018

Painting workshop in Alexandria Pharos Club 2018

International fine Arts Week, Sharm El Sheikh 2018

In the Ersum Peace Carnival, the second session in Dahab City, Mersin Arts Foundation And Culture 2019

International Summit of fine Arts in Sharm El Sheikh 2019

Art and Environment Symposium in Tripoli, Lebanon 2019

House of Art Workshop and Exhibition in Tripoli and the acquisition of the House of Art 2019

High Lebanon Festival Symposium 2019

Babylonian Symposium in Lebanon 2019

Honoring the International Forum for Creative Youth at the Civic Education Center on the island 2020

Participation in the International Be Part Exhibition, Batelier Montez, Italy

The Third Siwa International Arts Forum in Siwa Oasis 2021

The First Kemit International Arts Forum on board a floating boat from Luxor to Aswan Art and Life Foundation 2021

A workshop in love with Hospital 57357 for 3 days and works for the benefit of the hospital in 2022

International Art and Beauty Forum for Fine Arts in Hurghada, Art and Life Foundation 2023

2023 International Art and Beauty Forum for Fine Arts in Sharm El-Sheikh, Art and Life Foundation

Live drawing workshop at Tell Basta Museum in Sharqia 2023

The First Suez Forum for Fine Arts in Suez Governorate 2023

2024 The Second Kemit Arts Forum in Nubia, Aswan

2024 The First Fayoum Arts Forum

About Galileo Exhibitions

Galileo Exhibitions

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Egyptian scenes 2009
  • 01 Mar 2009 12.00 AM
  • Egyptian scenes 2009,

Egyptian scenes

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In the alley
  • 16 Oct 2022 12.00 AM
  • Art Corner Hall

in the alley

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ajbin nisywan
  • 12 Jun 2022 12.00 AM
  • Salah Taher Hall at the Cairo Opera House

ajibin nisywan

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The oasis
  • 21 Sep 2022 12.00 AM
  • Art Corner Hall

the oasis

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Other work
  • 01 Jan 2024 12.00 AM
  • Other work

other work

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